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The company LEKURO

LEKURO manages its own and leased forests and grows seedlings. Based on a license granted by the Environmental Department in Blansko, we perform the activities of a professional forest manager (OLH) on private and municipal property in the Malá Haná region.  

IN  we provide comprehensive forestry services to our region.

  • purchase of forest land

  • mining work

  • balancing wood with a forwarder

  • crushing pliers

  • cultivation work

  • building  fences

  • growing seedlings  

  • afforestation, including the supply of seedlings

  • mourning the storm

  • pruning


Contact person: Zdeněk Mužík +420 602 586 145


Sale of firewood

We offer sales in the districts of Blansko, Moravská Třebová and Prostějov  firewood, including transport to your home.

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Mechanized soil preparation

Cleaning of logging residues is part of the site preparation, which precedes forest regeneration. In many localities, it is advisable to perform full-area crushing of the pliers, which we will provide for you.  Leaving the chips on the surface enriches the soil profile with nutrients and increases the proportion of humic substances. These substances positively affect the properties of soils and the subsequent quality of vegetation. Other positive aspects of full-area crushing of pruning are - water retention in the soil, higher uptake of planting material and  reduction of storm growth.

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